Mapping the Health and Wealth of Nations (1900-2015)

× Info! Below visualization is based on Hans Rosling's 2006 TED Talk. (It opens in a new tab.)

Details: In this assignment we've recreated the GapMinder World visualisation using d3.js. This visualization include following details:

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× Info! Below visualization shows Top 30 countries for selected year.
We have considered 3 factors for calculation: Population, GDP and Life Expectancy of the country on the selected year.
Formula: We've used Harmonic Mean to calculate the score for each country. Then updated the Harmonic Mean field in "Gapminder_All_Time_mean.csv" file.

3 * Population * GDP * Life Expectancy
Score = ------------------------------------------------------------
(Population + GDP + Life Expectancy)

Why we used HM As value of Population is very high in comparison to GDP and Life Expectancy, usage of Arithmetic Mean (AM) or Geometic Mean (GM) would give unbalanced score (more towards the Population of the country). In our opinion, HM gives most balanced score with all the three parameters.

References for choosing HM over AM and GM: (All links open in new tab.)



Resources used to create above visualisations: